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I know I am a good person. I love to talk and meet people. I am independent and can say that I made this far only because the man upstairs was with me. I'm a up front person and I will tell you how feel. If you smoke, married, or its complicated is on your profile please don't expect anything more than a friend.
Music: Janet Jackson, Sade, R&B, Jazz, and Classical
TV: Girl Friends, Martin, CSI and The Game
Books: To many to list
Sports: I don't understand sports but will like to, I have not meet anybody that was willing to teach me because they got so into the game and forgot me. So I just cheer lol
Interests: This year I want to do things I've always wanted to do like travel more, cook different types of food and go to different events.
Movies: Horror, Action and girly movies
BestFeatures: My mind
Dreams: My dreams is to one day meet the one to enjoy life with. But until then I'm enjoying life and thanking God for each day he alows me to breath

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